Celebrate the longevity of the company, thank clients for their loyalty and communicate about the new orientation of services and products of the company.
Communication about the 100th anniversary of the company in Luxembourg


  • Production of a movie about Siemens Luxembourg today and about its history
  • Development of an evening with a retrospective of the past 100 years and a forecast on the future
  • Choice of the Blower Hall in Esch-Belval as the venue of the event in order to mark the importance of industry in the history of the company
  • Extraordinary artists to entertain the guests between the different speeches. Every artist represented one business sector of the company
  • Inauguration of a climate exhibition at the same day that was open for the public in the days after the event
  • Dinner Cocktail with specialties from Luxembourg


« This anniversary was very important for us. This is why the event had to be something really special. Not only were we absolutely satisfied with the event itself, but also with the communication about the exhibition ahead of the event. » 

Siemens Luxembourg