To celebrate its 10th year anniversary, L’essentiel wanted to be innovative and surprise its guests by organising a party on the theme of half angel, half demon.

Because people’s attention spans seem to be dwindling, giving speeches may no longer be the best way to convey messages. So we seized the opportunity to use an original theme to make a traditional form of communication much more innovative. We scripted the speech of the Director of L’essentiel to make it funny and to make sure it had real impact. In parallel, we set up interactive animations related to the theme to make this evening enjoyable and truly exceptional. Finally, a tweetwall allowed us to share live reactions, photos and videos.


This evening allowed L’essentiel to show its innovative flair and strengthen its relationships with customers and prospects.


«Thanks to Mediation for making this evening as unforgettable as they did for our launch. »

Emmanuel Fleig
Director of the Essentiel

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