We love good stories and cultivating strong connections with the media, associations, key players and decision makers in Europe, with a special focus on Luxembourg.

Get them to notice you and get them to stay. Deliver the right messages to your audience and build strong relations thanks to a good story and a strategic communications process.

– Workshops
– PR consultations
– Creation and visualization of your messages
– Blogs & newsletters
– Special events (Backgrounders, networking, talks…)
– Press clipping

– ROI assessments
– Media coaching
– Press releases & Press kits
– Editorial

  • “I always thought PR would be limited to press relations. Thanks to Mediation I had the chance to discover a wider range of PR tools, how to get my message across in a networking event, how to organise my speech. I am really happy with the outcome.”

Do you need support with PR and writing your unique story?