Graphic design

Do you need to develop a coherent brand image?

More than just a pretty design, your branding embodies your values and your positioning. Our graphic designers and creative copywriters help you to find out the concept that will convey your brand identity.

identité visuelle

Visual identity

A successful identity shows your image, your values. The design is the visualisation of your identity. Beyond the geometrical forms the ones placed next to the others, we develop a specific, original identity.

• Logo
• style guide development


Corporate identity

To maintain a linearity in a communication, allows to strengthen it. We take into consideration your objectives, your values, and we offer you our advice and our analyses to develop a customized communication.

• Annual report

• Catalog, brochure.

• Corporate advertising


Visual communication

Because the expectations are different, the communication cannot be limited to predefined categories. For a customized communication flexibility and versatility are undeniable qualities.

• Presentations (Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezy..)

• Advertising

• Signage

• Print Material

• Publication

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