People are at the very heart of what we do. Our goal is to create impact by reaching the target audience and getting them to respond. In order to achieve that, we help you define the messages and advise you about the choice and the creative use of communication channels that are the most appropriate for getting the results that you want.

We are not a traditional event agency. We are a relational marketing agency. We consider ourselves as a communications company focused on people and impact. Our core business is consultancy and live communication, and we go far beyond decorations and entertainment. We think ‘upstream’ to identify measurable targets and add value for your company. We then think ‘downstream’ to embrace the possible impact of your campaigns on your business results. In order to reach your goals, holding only one event is not enough. Communicating before and after the event is not only essential, but crucial too. Besides the event organisation from start to end, we also take care of single, isolated services to best serve your needs.

We are not an advertising agency but we like to define ourselves as a communications and relational marketing agency. In fact, we think that holding on to personal contact is the best place to start effective communications. Also, a 360-degree communication solution is required to meet results.

Our clients come from a variety of sectors: ministries, communal administrations, industries, building companies, banks, food and agriculture… We work as much with small and medium sized businesses as with multinationals.

Since 1991 it’s important to us to be close to the market. We are used to team up with our clients. First listen, then research, analyse, conceive and finally produce. We love our job, invest in trainings and work with passion, commitment and energy. We are proud of our ROI methodology that allows us to measure the impact of our work, because we get results!

We’re not a one-size-fits-all kind of company and we don’t offer one-size-fits-all rates. Our prices are completely personalised – we’ll find out together what services suit you best, and we’ll work on a budget that fits you too.

Just give us a call and pitch us your general idea. If we think we can assist you, we will meet to get to know each other, help set your objectives and analyse your needs. We will send you an offer in time. Feel free to contact us, no strings attached!

It can take from 2 days to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the concept. An offer for isolated services such as designing printed materials or producing a film could be sent to you within a couple days, while an offer for conceiving a PR campaign or organising an entire event would take longer, depending on the scope of the function. Set a deadline. We will respect it!

They say ‘two heads are better than one’, that’s why every project is led by two members of the team. Working in pair provides extra security that everything goes to plan and nothing is forgotten. A project management program and internal checklists guide us through our daily work and ensure the proper execution of your projects. Although we are disciplined and responsible, we keep our creativity flowing and the inspiration coming by continually thinking outside the box, refusing to be satisfied with the status quo and by challenging ourselves and learning as participants in international exchanges and training programmes.

Our method is based on concrete cost and sales figures, polls, surveys and focus groups. To calculate the return on investment of campaigns, the specific and measurable goals of your projects must be clearly defined at the outset.

To get the results you want, to come up with new ideas, to save you some time so you can concentrate on other business topics. You would have a team of experts and a network of specialists at your service, ready to grab the responsibilities you address them, able to handle your communication projects in German, English, French or Luxembourgish.  We are going to deliver exactly what you need, quickly and effectively.