Engage your audience offering a memorable brand experience

We are a live communication agency specialised in relational marketing. Give wings to companies, help them to excel, is the purpose of Mediation since 25 years. We imagine and develop memorable and emotional brand experiences that enable you to engage your target audience. We create and make sure that each interaction between your audience and your products/services is a powerful experience.

Because consumers are overloaded with information, your communication must be impactful and personalised. Everyday, through a multitude of media, we write unique stories and design innovative concepts in order to engage your target audience and offer the best brand experience.

The ROI method for measuring the impact of your campaigns

We want to to add value to your communication by delivering measurable results. Thanks to our method of calculating the Return on Investment based on studies conducted by the Event ROI Institute, we define together your message, the most relevant media and the appropriate event concept. We then measure the impact of your campaigns.



We are passionate about design & take pride in our work